Integrated Banking options inside One Plus

Experience the Power of One Plus - Like Never Before

S & S Business ERP Benefits

Now Your Bank Inside your One Plus Software

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Auto-Bank Reconciliation

Gone are the days for manual reconciliation.
Experience Auto-Bank Reconciliation features with MY ERP Software (One Plus) ICICI bank integration.

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Lifetime Zero Balance Account*

Get a lifetime zero balance current account for Ltd,
Private Ltd, LLP & OPC Constitutions.

Maker - Checker Payment System

A much efficient and easy to use maker - checker payment system

Advance Payment Scheduling

Now Schedule Your future Payments in Advance as Per your business Requirements.


Move to a Fraud-less/secured Internet Based Cheque Printing Facility.

Check Bank Balance Real-time.

With integrated banking facility, now you can check your bank balance in realtime.

Automatic ledger entry

Eliminates chances of manual data entry errors in your books.

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Real-time Payments

Real-time direct payments through One Plus Software
(NEFT/RTGS/IMPS/Fund transfer).

Eliminate Data Entry Errors

Avail Benefit on Digital GST Payment with Instant UTR Number from One Plus Software

Suspense Entry Tracking

With integrated banking features, reconciliation of suspense payment entries is hassle free.

Advanced & Secured

Enhanced security measures ensuring users transact with complete peace of mind.

Bank Statement within One Plus Software

Now view your online bank statement inside MY ERP Software (One Plus)

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